Our Products

Our products are Vanguard Life Assurance welfare schemes driven by the Grupi web and mobile app. Our Med+ range of products are fully digital life insurance products that protects the health and life of group members and that of their families.

While the Group Welfare Scheme meets the needs of groups of all forms: churches, mosques, alumni groups,families and social groups, our Employee Benefit Scheme helps employers and their dependants in case of death, disability and critical illness.

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Our Plans

Generic Plan

Our generic plans are standard priced plans paying between GHS 9000 - 45000 insurance benefit to members and their families.

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Custom Plan

Protect your health and more family members with ease at significantly low premiums with our custom plans.

A custom plan enables a group or employer to customoze the benefit according to its own specification.

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  • Group member
  • Members' spouse
  • Parents
  • In laws
  • Children

  • Death
  • Total permanent disability
  • Hospitalization

  • Momo
  • Card payment (visa and master card)
  • Cheque Deposit

  • Highest generic benefit for GWS and EWB is GHS 45,000.00
  • There is however no limit for custom plans

Yes. The standard exclusions for hospitalization apply. Please refer to medical exclusions

No. The only beneficiaries are the main lives who belong to the group taking the cover.

All premiums are paid by the group on behalf of members.

Maximum lapse peroid is 30 days beyond which your policy will be rendered inactive.